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We're a bunch of fun Expats who have been in China for a couple years who know how to navigate our way around. We know all too well personally, about the language barriers that happens between schools, agents and candidates; we want to make it easy for you.


We're professional recruiters and we work with over 500 school organizations with campuses in all major metropolitan areas. Our mission is quite simple: We want to make your process of coming to teach in China Fast, Simple and Reliable.

Demand for teachers is higher than ever before; which is good news if you're looking to teach in China. We ensure all proper procedures are followed and are with our candidates every step of the way until they arrive and are settled with their new school! Here's how it works:

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The first step is just a conversation; we want to make sure our teachers understand and are clear on how we can help them to begin their journey.

We'll ask you to begin putting together some materials while we start preparing you to be a teacher in China!


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